Turfside Terrace

Turfside Terrace

Imagine reaching out and touching the horses as they fly by! Treat yourself to magnificent views of the Racecourse’s Home Stretch and Finish Line from your table. This all-inclusive premium seating area includes a gourmet luncheon buffet, beer & fine  wines, Preakness souvenir program, entertainment and the  Lounge, plus access to private comfort stations and mutuel windows. Two large, state of the art Jumboscreens allow fans to follow the continuous racing action throughout the day.

One (1) complimentary #1 Clubhouse Parking Pass is included for every five (5) Turfside Terrace tickets purchased. One (1) complimentary #1 Clubhouse Parking Pass for both Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Days is included with the purchase of five (5) two-day Turfside Terrace tickets.

One and two day packages available:

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Black-Eyed Susan Day Only (May 20): $173.00

 Preakness Day Only (May 21): $403.00

Black-Eyed Susan Day & Preakness Package: $551.00 

Preakness Ticket Office:
Local: 410-542-9400
Toll Free: 877-206-8042
Fax: 410-664-6645