3. Items that are NOT OK to bring into Pimlico's Infield and Mug and Vine Lounge on Preakness Day

NO Back Packs

NO Duffle Bags

NO Thermoses

NO Beverages of any kind (including alcohol, beer, wine, soft drinks, water or other beverages)

NO Plastic, see-through containers larger than 28”L x 15”W x 17”H in the Infield

NO Plastic, see-through containers larger than 12” x 12” in the Mug and Vine Lounge

The following items are PROHIBITED:
Laser Lights or Pointers
Balloons or Balls
Mace or Pepper Spray
Non-folding or folding metal chairs
Ladders, scaffolding or other raised devices

MUG Club Policy:

• You must be 21 to enter MUG Club areas and receive MUG Club benefits.
• MUG Club tickets will be exchanged for wristband onsite.
• In order to receive a Mug and wristband, a ticket must be presented. 1 ticket per person. 1 person may NOT present several tickets and receive corresponding mugs and wristbands.
• There are limited quantities of MUG Club tickets available.
• Only official Preakness-issued souvenir MUG Club cup will be accepted at filling stations.
• Mug will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

All beverage brands are subject to change. Based on consumption, some brands may not be available throughout the day.