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Book Signings

12:00 - 3:00PM
Pimlico Grandstand
Pimlico Race Course
5201 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

(410) 542-9400

Book Signings

The Anatomy of Horse Race Handicapping
Or How to Have Fun at the Track
by Jean Chodkowski

The book was written for all of you, who watch horse racing only to find themselves lost, wanting to know more about the sport, but not knowing where to begin. So, it may just be the help you're looking for, by offering a unique perspective on how to enjoy a day at the races. You may visit the track only a few times a year; or you may be a new owner; or even a regular race fan, who wants to find the fun again that has gone from their race watching. At the end of our lively and amusing discussion on how to handicap with your head, eyes, blood, gut, heart, and by your tail, namely, the physical anatomy common to both horse and human (well, maybe not the tail part exactly) the reader will be able to converse comfortably on any of the sport's diverse aspects. Most importantly, they will know how to have fun at the track. 

Long Rein: Tails from the World of Horse Racing
by Jay Hovdey

Jay Hovdey has written upwards of two thousand pieces for Daily Racing Form about the fascinating world of Thoroughbred horse racing since joining the publication, in 1998, as executive columnist. The 81 columns and features chosen for “LONG REIN: Tales from the World of Horse Racing” represent Hovdey at his eclectic best, as he covers some of the most memorable horses and racing personalities.