The New Is Here

BALTIMORE, MD 04-21-2009 --- You spoke and we listened! Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to bring a whole new Preakness experience to the web.Overall, our updates have focused on providing you with more functionality, more information and organizing it all in an easily digestible manner.

Under the new Race Info section, you’ll find an area titled Wagering 101. Here we’ve broken down some of the barriers associated with the complexities of handicapping. By explaining wagering simply and formatting the information as we have, we hope to make the exciting world of betting much more approachable. 

For the more advanced handicapper, we’ve got new content for you. Our Bet the Preakness section gives you access to three expert handicappers who will share their race analysis and picks for upcoming races. Other sub-sections under Race Info provide comprehensive coverage for particular horses and races, including new detailed information never before provided.

If your interest lies more in experiencing the Sport of Kings, our Preakness Tradition section includes an interactive timeline and other historical mini-stories to help you revisit the prestige and history that goes along with The People’s Race. The all-new Visitor’s Guide lets you peruse our Preakness dining locations, including the full menus. And we recognize that your horseracing experience doesn’t just stop there, which is why we’ve also included information on places to stay in Baltimore, things to see, what to eat and outside attractions. 

And this is just a small sampling of what we’ve done to improve We’ve also added a dedicated InfieldFEST section to reflect the improvements we’ve made to the actual event, an external site where Infield goers can connect and share, we’ve got several bloggers and columnists who will provide Preakness original content and much, much more.

So please, take a good look around and we would most appreciate hearing what you think about the changes!