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Phil Janack
May 18, 2013

Why can’t every day start this way?

Walking into Pimlico this morning, a small, white, square scrap of paper – the kind often seen discarded outside racetracks – was blowing along in a stiff breeze along Rogers Avenue. As it happened, the wind died down and the paper stopped, right at my feet.

Naturally, being a curious sort, I looked down and recognized it right away. It was a mutuel ticket.

Not paying much attention, I kept on my way until something caught the corner of my eye. It was a dollar sign. Don’t see those on discarded mutuel tickets very often.

Suddenly, it hit me. It wasn’t a ticket.

It was a voucher.

At first glance, I noticed three zeroes. Then I saw the decimal point.

10 bucks.

A quick check of the date – it was yesterday’s – meant that the voucher was live. My first score of the day.

There wasn’t anyone around who might have just dropped it, and the paper had been walked over so many times it was imprinted with asphalt. It needed a home, so I felt obliged to pick it up.

No one, or thing, should be alone on Preakness day.

Not sure what I’ll do with it -- $10 to win on Orb, perhaps? – but one thing’s for sure:

It was a great way to start the day.



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