Lukas’ comedy routine plays well at Alibi Breakfast

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Bob Fortus
May 16, 2013


Trainer D. Wayne Lukas, at 77 the elder statesman about trainers participating in this Preakness, was joking about age at the Alibi Breakfast on Thursday morning.

“Shug’s not very far behind me, either,’’ Lukas said of Shug McGaughey, 62, trainer of Orb.

Lukas also said to McGaughery: “Don’t worry about it. We’re going to be just fine, Shug. These young guys. We’ll take them to old school. We’ll get rid of them.’’

Lukas put the audience in stitches with a joke connected to age.

“The other day, I got a friend of mine tell me an interesting story about being in the assisted living home. And John had his  birthday. So he decided to share it with some of the people at the home. So he walked down, and Fred was sitting outside his room, and he said, “Fred, how old do you think I am?’’

And he said, “You’re 75.’’

He said, “Nope, 79.’’

He walked a little further down the hall and Ethel – rocking chair, dozing, tipping back and forth. He said, “Ethel, how old do you think I am?’’

Woke up and looked up, unzipped his fly, reached in, zipped his fly back up, said, “You’re 79.’’

He said, “Amazing. How did you know?’’

She said, “I heard you tell Fred down the hall.’’

On a more serious note, Maryland resident Stuart Janney III, co-owner of Orb, talked about the thrill of running him in the the Preakness.

“Coming here with this horse having won the Kentucky Derby is as good as it gets,’’ Janney said.


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