Infield Frequently Asked Questions


PARKING:  Where should I Park?

                Preakness Way Lot #4 is the best parking lot for the Infield, and it is the only lot where
               tailgating is allowed. 

MUG Club: What extra amenities does the MUG Club receive over General Admission Infield?

                The only upgrade the MUG Club tickets have over General Admission Infield tickets is the
                MUG Club receives the souvenir plastic mug that can be filled up with beer all day at no
                additional cost.  There is no special area or tent that a MUG Club ticket grants access to over
                a General Admission Infield ticket. 

MUG & Vine Lounge:  Can I go in the MUG & Vine Lounge with a MUG Club or General Admission Infield ticket?

                No.  The MUG & Vine Lounge is a ticketed area accessible by MUG & Vine ticket holders
                only.  MUG & Vine ticket holders do have full access to the Infield.  MUG & Vine tickets
                holders can fill up their MUG at any designated MUG Club fill up station throughout the

BETTING: Can I bet in the Infield?

                Yes!  There are several wagering windows (mutuels) placed throughout the Infield.  Also there
                 is a Wagering 101 tent where you can learn how to bet. 

RACING: Can I see the races?

                Yes, but the view is not the best.  If you want a good view of the racing, we recommend buying
                 a ticket on the building side of the track.  All Grandstand tickets include free access to the
                 Infield so you can go back and forth from your reserved seat to the Infield all day.  

ACCESS: Can I enter the Turfside Terrace or Preakness Village?

                No.  These areas are for Preakness Village and Turfside Terrace ticket holders only. 

ACCESS:  Can I go over to the building?

                No.  If you want to access the building you will have to purchase a $25 General Admission

MUSIC:  The most important thing to me is the music!  How can I get a seat as close to the stage as possible?

                The InfieldFest is a general admission music festival so there are no reserved seats.  If you
                want to get close to the stage, we recommend you arrive as early as possible to stake out a spot
                close to the stage. 

RESTRICTIONS:  What can I bring into the Infield? 

                Please click here to see our full list of security policies for info on what is prohibited. 

UPGRADE:  Can I upgrade my Regular Infield ticket to a MUG Club ticket the day of Preakness?


UPGRADE:  Can I upgrade a complimentary ticket to a MUG Club ticket at any time?